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Therapeutic stone properties

Many beliefs want that minerals carry therapeutic virtues that contributes to ease some aches whether physical or psychological. Bellow you will find a list of several stones and their properties.

There are no scientific proofs that certain minerals carry preventive or curative properties towards the health issues mentioned bellow. Always consult a physician before undergoing any type of treatment.

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Agate See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Reduces infections, works on the lymphatic and immune systems, soothes aches, reinforces positives thoughts and increases self-esteem, opens the mind to communication, helps to accept reality and brings stability. It works slowly, it must thus be worn for a long time.

Moss Agate See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Beneficial to pregnant women and helps with the baby blues, regulates uterine functions.

Aqua-Marine See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : It is the favorite stone of the entertainment business. It protects those who go into the waters. It fights against allergies and throat irritations, it soothes toothaches, helps with insomnia, facilitates communication, stimulates creativity, helps with finding love and truth within ourselves and strengthens maternal instincts.

Amazonite See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Loosens muscles, can help stimulate libido, promotes relaxation, brings happiness and fights fears, helps against negative thoughts, brings success and wealth, absorbs electromagnetic waves (computers, cell phones etc.) balances the yin and the yang and helps against shyness.

Amber See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Helps heal asthma and bronchitis, helps soothe babies tooth aches, promotes openness towards others, helps concentrate, changes the negative into positive.

Amethyst See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : This stone represents wisdom and humility. It soothes migraines, helps fights intoxications, helps blood circulation, is beneficial to liver functions, soothes burns, when placed in the bedroom, it helps promote a healthy sleep, promotes meditation and concentration, promotes love, effective against addictions of all kinds, stimulates creativity, soothes anguish and anger, chases away obsessive thoughts.

Aventurine See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : This stone represents the environment: it protects against pollution. Effective against skin diseases, stimulates children’s growth, promotes plant growth, appeases anger, brings prosperity, brings interior peace, absorbs electromagnetic waves (computer, cell phones etc. ) helps make good choices.

Azurite See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Soothes pains related to tendinitis, fractures, bone cancer (bone related diseases), improves blood circulation, helps forget bad memories and sadness, gives courage and assertiveness, helps control emotions, purifies the mind, stimulates memory and creativity.

Coral See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Maintains a good blood circulation, effective against varicose veins and hemorrhoids, supports kidney’s healthy functioning, fights infertility, effective against anemia, protects against negative influences and helps with meditation.

Carnelian See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Increases physical endurance, helps blood circulation, fights impotence and infertility, calms rheumatoid, brings dynamism and vitality, keeps negative thoughts at bay, brings success, appeases emotional people, brings the user back to the present day.

Dalmatian stone See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Calms sexual impulses and promotes reflection.

Fluorite See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Calms colds symptoms, fights circulation problems, regulates the digestive system, helps young children’s dentition, eliminates toxins, improves memory and concentration, structures imagination, brings peace and harmony and protects against radiations.

Garnet See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Stimulates sexual energy, calms rheumatoid and arthritis, fights infections, regulates coronary diseases, helps with constipation, strengthens the heart, improves fertility, strengthens the liver and kidneys, effective against skin diseases, develops will, brings success, harmony and peacefulness, gives energy and strength, promotes amorous contacts, recommended for those lacking in imagination, balances the yin and the yang.

Hematite See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Promotes a good night’s sleep, has coagulative properties, improves scarring, soothes back pains, improves blood circulation, soothes menstrual pain, gives determination, courage and wisdom, develops patience appeases and purifies, gives energy and courage and develops listening skills.

Howlite See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Activates water elimination throughout the body, improves skin’s elasticity, helps counter undesirable menopause symptoms, stimulates knowledge, stimulates relaxation, patience and memory, moderates negative energy, relieves daily stress.

Jade See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Regulates kidney and urinary functions, helps with cataract, soothes migraines, limits the effects of a cold, improves pregnancy, promotes interior peace, harmony, keeps nightmares at bay, gives strength and courage, brings good fortune.

Jasper See it in the dictionnary

VERTUES : Calms nausea, strengthens the digestive system and conveys wisdoms, brings liveliness.

Leopard skin jasper See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Soothes digestive problems, soothes ulcers, stimulates males sexual organs, regulates the female hormonal system, regulates the liver, keeps nightmare at bay, stimulates actions and eloquence, gives a sense of tact and diplomacy.

Landscape jasper See it in the dictionnary

VERTUES : Promotes creativity.

Labradorite See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Effective against insomnia, protects against tiredness, has great regenerative powers (fatigue) , absorbs negative energy that emanates from others by protecting its user, amplifies the ability to please others, develops intuition.

Lapis lazuli See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Helps bring down fever, fights allergies and asthma, effective against rash (skin disease), soothes cramps, accelerates hair and nail growth, improves sights, develops creativity and intelligence, ensures a well balanced body and soul, brings happiness, has calming effects, strengthens team spirit, promotes harmony.

Mookaïte See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Strengthens the immune system and skin’s natural defenses, brings interior peace, enables the acquisition of new knowledge.

Obsidian See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Spirituality stone. It regulates blood circulation, improves sight, is good against varicose veins and hemorrhoids, accelerates scarring, chases illusions away, shields against negative energy, gives access to the truth and calms fears.

Snowflake obsidian See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Dims nervous tensions, promotes meditation, allows to regain alertness and spontaneity and acts as a shield against negative energy.

Tiger's eye See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Soothes symptoms of asthma, strengthens sight, protects against negative energy, strengthens will, gives energy and confidence, has the same properties as a mirror: sends back negative energy to its sender, brings luck and self-esteem.

Onyx See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Treats ulcers, corrects hearing impairments, gives a sense of responsibilities, helps take good decisions, improves endurance. Warning: a prolonged exposure can bring about sadness and fear.

Moonstone See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Its a childhood stone. It facilitates giving birth, soothes menstrual pains and regulates the cycle, increases muscles resistance, solves female infertility problems, soothes gastric pain, promotes sensitivity and receptivity, helps control emotions, contributes to conjugal bliss, stimulates imagination and intuition, brings gentleness and tolerance, protects travelers and brings them luck.

Pink quartz See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Eases migraines and helps cure heart diseases, fights insomnia, heals heartaches, promotes gentleness and tenderness, brings emotional security, purifies energy and gives self-confidence.

Colorless quartz See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : This stones represents light, keeps the darkness at bay. It helps find lost objects or people who disappeared, when put with other minerals, it amplifies their properties, intensifies intuition and meditation.

Rhodonite See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Protects against jealousy and assaults, soothes nervousness, reinforces learning capacities, alleviates the mind of worries.

Sodalite See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : This stone is a favorite of those who are hypersensitive. It soothes throat irritations, balances the endocrine system, protects against negative influences, improves logic, strengthens personality, decreases fear and increases control over emotions and soothes the soul.

Turquoise See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : Emblem of courage and symbol of wisdom. It helps lower cholesterol, fights sight related problems, effective against intoxications, promotes digestion and blood circulation, heals nose, eyes and lung afflictions, has a positive effects on kidneys and the bladder, helps fight anorexia and bulimia, has protective virtues, brings a spiritual balance, absorbs negative energy, works against shyness and stutter, promotes listening skills, prevents sailors from sinking.

Unakite See it in the dictionnary

VIRTUES : This stone is a friendship stones. It shortens recovery time after a critical illness, balances liver, pancreatic and gallbladder functions, it helps hair growth, is beneficial to rheumatoid, promotes a healthy pregnancy, allows for a balance yin and yang, helps overcome grief, absorbs electromagnetic waves (computer, cell phones, etc.).