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Jewelry making techniques classes

Discover a passion or refine your techniques and CREATE JEWELRY!

Dear Clubbeaders, we are pleased to offer you a revised package of our Private A la Carte Classes and our popular Artisan Group Classes. These classes will be given by our very talented teacher who has many years of experience in manufacturing jewelry.

Here are the classes offered, covering the various basic techniques of making fantasy jewelry, ranging from beginner to advanced level. We offer you all the information relating to classes to assist you in making your choice.

To know the dates and time slots available, see our course calendar. You will find on this page the details relating to the course registration. We hope to see you in large numbers. Enjoy your classes and thank you for choosing Club Bead as a creative partner.


Take note that a class, is reserved only when the full payment is made at the time of registration.
The reservation can be done at our Montréal store or by phone at one of the following numbers: 514 904-0224 or 1 877 904-0224 or by email at info@clubbead.com.

See full classes schedule here

Workshop: Mala Necklace
Duration: 2h | Price: $50 / pers. | Level: Intermediate
*Material included

Learn the spiritual meaning of the mala (Tibetan prayer beads). Threading beads on cord and a guru bead. Making a thread tassel and integration with mala.

See the available dates
Choose the technique or the jewelry of your choice. Minimum 2 hours or more depending on the chosen techniques.
Duration: 2h minimum | Price: $25/hr *Material not included


  • Learn to use crimping pliers and see different ways to correctly finish your jewelry using this technique.
  • EEDED MATERIAL: Tigertail 0.018 inch. 2mm crimps. Crimp covers (optional). Clasps (depending on your preference). Split rings. Beads. Crimping pliers. Cutter pliers. Flat nose pliers.

Metal Wire

  • Learn to work copper, aluminum or stainless steel wire (at your choice): make spirals, bead cages, bead embedding or eyepins.
  • NEEDED MATERIAL: Copper wire 20 gauge (aluminum and stainless steel wires are optional). 10 mm beads or larger. Cutter pliers. Flat nose pliers. Round nose pliers.


  • Learn different types of weaving: flat and tubular peyote, right angle and herringbone weaving.
  • NEEDED MATERIAL: #8 or #6 seedbeads (minimum 2 colors). Weaving thread (WildFire. Fireline or K.O.). Flexible beading needles. Cutter pliers or scissors.


  • Learn basics of chainmail: byzantine and twisted chainmail.
  • NEEDED MATERIAL: Simple rings. 2 flat nose pliers. Tool Magic (optional). Clasps.


  • Learn to make different types of knots: macrame, button (or celtic) knot, good luck knot, sliding knot.
  • NEEDED MATERIAL: Waxed cotton cord or Hemp cord. Silk imitation thread. Rat tail cord (for button knot). Beads with large hole. Cutter pliers or scissors.

Jewelry Finishing

  • Learn to correctly finish your jewelry to make them strong and beautiful.
  • NEEDED MATERIAL: No material necessary but it is possible to bring your own finished jewelry.
Sign up for Artisan classes covering the various basic techniques of making fantasy jewelry, ranging from beginner to advanced level. A maximum of 4 people per class. *Material not included

Artisan: 1-Threading and finishing

  • Creation : Learn different basic terms, products and tools of jewelry making as well as their usage.
  • Inspiration : Choose the beads and the finishing elements to make a necklace.
  • Level: Begginer | Duration: 3hrs | Price: $60 / pers. (4 pers. max)

Artisan: 2-Crimps

  • Creation : Learn how to firmly fix crimp beads and how to finish a multi-row jewelry.
  • Inspiration : Using the image chosen in the previous course (colors, textures, shapes, size), the participant will make a selection of various beads, connectors and a clasp suitable for this type of jewelry.
  • Level: Begginer | Duration: 2hrs | Price: $50 / pers. (4 pers. max)

Artisan: 3-Wire looping and wire wrapping

  • Creation : Learn how to create beautiful round and straight eyelets and manipulate the metal wire.
  • Inspiration : Learn how to integrate several different elements in the same jewelry. The participant will have to arrange in a simple and effective way at least 5 elements realized in the course (simple eyelet, covered eyelet, double eyelet, hammering, guizmo, knitting, hook, Jig, Ring Mandrel).
  • Level: Intermediate | Duration: 3hrs | Price: $60 / pers. (4 pers. max)

Artisan: 4-Weaving

  • Creation : Learn, by different techniques, to weave in a regular and tight way and to handle the thread and needle.
  • Inspiration : Knowing how to create a personal design using one of the techniques seen in the course.
  • Level: Advanced | Duration: 3hrs | Price: $60 / pers. (4 pers. max)

Artisan: 5-Traditional threading

  • Creation : Learn this technique specific to freshwater pearls ie making knots as close to a pearl as possible. Manipulation of the awl.
  • Inspiration : Incorporate another kind of bead into the pearl necklace.
  • Level: Intermediate | Duration: 3hrs | Price: $60 / pers. (4 pers. max)
See full classes schedule here

Contact us for more details.

*Taxes not included. The material is not included. Changes may be made without notice.