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Artisan: Free online training in jewelry making techniques

Club Bead offers you a free online training in jewelry making techniques. The Artisan courses cover general techniques of jewelry making. This training is separated into 5 Artisan courses, which teaches the essential techniques to master jewelry making. We offer this training that you can take online at home at your own pace. The material necessary to follow this training can be found on our website, links are available in the description of each video. We wish you a great learning experience. Make jewelry, give bead a chance.
These videos are replays of the live videos that were featured on our facebook page.

Artisan class 1 - Threading and finishing (soon available)

Learn different basic terms, products and tools of jewelry making as well as their usage.
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Artisan class 2 - Crimps

Learn how to firmly fix crimp beads and how to finish a multi-row jewelry.
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Artisan class 3 - Wire looping and wire wrapping

Learn the basics of wire wrapping by creating this beautiful semi-precious stones necklace.
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Artisan class 4 - Weaving (soon available)

Learn, by different techniques, to weave in a regular and tight way and to handle the thread and needle.
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Artisan class 5 - Traditional Pearl knotting

Apprenez cette technique spécifique aux perles d’eau douce c’est à dire faire des noeuds le plus près possible d’une perle. Manipulation du pic à noeud. Intégrer un autre genre de bille dans le collier de perles.
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