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Discover our products live in REPLAY

Watch here our videos which were presented live every week, on our facebook page. Our teacher presents our different products and how to use them. Enjoy watching!

Our Beginners Kit

In this live video, we will introduce the content of our beginners kit and will show you what you can do with it.
Product list :
Beginners kit

Live of February 6, 2021

Product: Cones and bead caps

Today our teacher will show you several kinds of cones and bead caps and how to use them.
Product list :
Cones Beads caps

Live of August 22, 2020

Product: The connectors

In this video, we will learn how to use different types of connectors for different types of threads.
Our connectors

Live of August 15, 2020

Product: The snake chain

Our teacher will show you different ways to close that particular kind of chain and how to do the MAMBA necklace.
Product list for the project

Live of July 25, 2020