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Everything to learn how to create fantasy jewelry

What is fantasy jewelry?

A bit of history

Since the dawn of time, jewelry has adorned men and women. Whether for aesthetic, religious or social reasons, jewelry has always played an essential role. In prehistory, the first jewelry was simple: shells, bones, animal teeth, and ivory, pierced to be worn. During the Neolithic, people created more sophisticated jewelry by working with these basic materials. As well as the start of using the first pearls.

The Bronze Age saw the use of metals like gold, allowing for advanced goldsmithing techniques. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, jewelry was social, religious and marital markers. Craftsmanship developed, with filigree, granulation and stamping techniques. In the modern era, fantasy jewelry boomed following the Second World War.

Produced on a large scale, it is affordable and diverse. It comes in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more. Today, costume jewelry is an essential trendy fashion accessory, highlighting our style and personality.

Club Bead is pleased to share with you its expertise in creating fantasy jewelry. In this section you will find a ton of information, tutorials, videos, and other resources on the world of fantasy jewelry making. All of these resources are available for free for you to learn or refine your bioux creation techniques.

Enjoy creating!

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