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How to choose the right necklace

Have you noticed that some of your female acquaintances have the knack to always wear the right necklace? Sometimes these necklaces are very simple however they manage to provide a dazzling effect. How do these women do it? Well they follow some very basic rules. Here is the most important one, the perfect adjustment. First, you need to know that a necklace frames your face, highlights the line of your neck and in some cases puts emphasis on your chest.

Your necklace and your neckline share the same role, therefore, never make them compete as showed in the following examples; 1c, 2c, 3c.

Make the necklace and neckline complement each other while taking in consideration the various neckline shapes. Don’t hesitate to choose necklaces of various lengths. In your wardrobe you probably have more than one kind of neckline. Be wary of “one size fits all” for the length of your necklace.

It’s not unusual to see a mature woman wearing a very long necklace. She should however avoid them at all cost as they make her face’s feature look droopier. This is why it is rare to see mature woman with large V necklines. It is better to choose a necklace that is neither too long nor too short.

If you wear your necklace too low, it’ll give your cleavage a droopy look, especially with a V neckline. Example 3c shows you that it is definitely a no-no!


The case is not closed! The color and the volume of the necklace, combined to your outfit’s look are also important elements.