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Shamballa beads: THE darlings of the moment!

Shamballa Bracelets

The word Shamballa means “spiritual consciousness” and “creative energy”. The Shamballa bracelet is thought to be from Tibet however, it does not pertain to any religion. This bracelet is believed to enhance the well being of the bearer. According to Tibetan Lamas, when wearing this piece of jewelry one increases one’s body and soul’s chances to return to its essence. In Buddhist mythology, Shamballa is a Sanskrit word, which can also mean “peaceful place of happiness”.

Shamballa beads

Shamballa bracelets are traditionally made from wooden beads and knotting; as per the Macramé artistic technique and a slipknot is used as a clasping mechanism.

Shamballa beads bracelets

With fashion being as it is, several prestigious jewelry houses reinvented the more nobly designed Shamballa, transforming it into a real piece of jewelry. Club Bead Plus Shamballas’s are made from a resin paste incrusted with small pieces of glass strass. Used alone or with other beads, then threaded on a silk imitation thread, you have all the tools to make your own personalized bracelet!

Shamballa Inspiration

These cute little beads are so inspiring that our designers took pleasure incorporating them in various other jewelry pieces. Discover how Shamballa beads can make your creations sparkle and shine!

Shamballa beads jewelry