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Article : The Citrine

Do you know Citrine?

The citrine quartz, rare in nature and usually refined through an intense heating process, is of a yellowish-brown hue, slightly reminiscent of amber. Most citrine on the market today is refined amethyst, which turns golden brown.

Yellow is the color associated with light and sunshine. Positive aspects of this color are its relation to joy and happiness, which brightly radiate through a citrine bead to the eye of the beholder.

Its name comes from the Latin “citrus”, also the namesake of the well-known fruit bearing numerous healing virtues. Citrine is also a healer; it is used in lithotherapy (crystal stone healing) to reduce feelings of jealousy, one of the negative aspects associated with yellow.

When used in meditation, it is said to bring warmth, clarity and inspiration, all of which are helpful towards the manifestation of life goals and creative projects. Since citrine resonates with not only one but three chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus), it is not only effective for releasing energy blocks but subsequently favorizing energy flow between chakras in general.

Citrine has been used in jewelry for thousand of years through different cultures, it was treasured by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans alike and speculation proposes its usage may originate from even earlier times.

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