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Creative Tip - Installing rivets for Snap! fasteners

Discover how to install your Snap! yourself!

Step 1
Using the awl, make a hole in the desired spot, through the piece that will be riveted.

Step 2
Install the male part of the rivet in the whole. Make sure that the rod exits through the “face” side of the project.

Step 3
Install the female part of the rivet on the male one, the hole that receives the snap facing upwards.

Step 4
Place your project on the steel block. You can place the rubber block under the steel block so it absorbs shocks.

Step 5
Put the sharp part of the punch hole on top of the male piece and hammer it (using the hammer) until the rod is well flattened at the bottom of the rivet.

Voila! Have fun to instal rivets everywhere and to decorate your projects with the interchangeable Snap! fasteners, for a different look in a snap!