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Triangle woven earrings adorned with a pressed glass bead and stainless steel findings.

Technique(s) :

Threading, Weaving,

Level : Intermediate
Method sheet(s) :

Material list*
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Image SKU Exact quantity Quantity Unit Description Unit Price Total
FLBT6-SMK ± 120cm 45m (50yd) BeadSmith Fireline Polyethylene Thread 6lb 0.006" Smoke 45m (50yd) USA $14.00 $14.00
1101-9934 238 unit Glass Delica Seed Bead Stellaris 2mm Matte Transparent Light Yellow AB 22gr $4.50 $4.50
1102-3808-1213 2 unit Glass Pressed Bead Pear Faceted 8x12mm Jet 1.5mm hole 28\" String (app60pcs) $4.74 $4.74
1720-0070-2 2 100pcs Stainless Steel 304 Earring Butterfly Clutch 6x5x3mm With Fancy Border Natural For 0.7mm Stud 100pcs $6.00 $6.00
1720-0072-5mm 2 20pcs Stainless Steel 304 Earring Ball Stud 5mm Natural With Loop Stud 15x0.7mm 20pcs $3.24 $3.24

*The numbers listed in the “Quantity” column are the full purchase units needed to make at least one jewel. The exact numbers of pieces used in the jewel are listed in the “Exact quantity” column.