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Chic and elegant necklace made of shell pearl beads and gold filled beads, threaded on tigertail wire.

Technique(s) :

Threading, ,

Level : Beginner
Method sheet(s) :

Material list*
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Image SKU Exact quantity Quantity Unit Description Unit Price Total
1705-0236-WH 2 unit Metal Crimp Bead Round 1.5MM Nickel 1000pcs $6.49 $6.49
1755-0081 2 unit Gold Filled 14K Clamshell Bead Tip with 2 Rings 0.036" Hole 10pcs $18.99 $18.99
1755-240107-0135 5 unit Gold Filled 14K Bead Tube 35x2mm Curved Plain 1.5mm hole 10pcs $18.49 $18.49
1114-5801-0601 40 15.5'' String (app65pcs) Shell Pearl Bead Stellaris Round 6mm White 15.5'' String (app65pcs) $14.49 $14.49
1755-240301-0106 6 unit Gold Filled 14K Bead Round 6mm Line Design 1.5mm hole 20pcs $20.49 $0.00
1755-0150-04 4 unit Gold Filled 14K Bead 4mm Round 1.0mm Hole 10pcs $9.99 $9.99
1755-1002 1 unit Gold Filled 14K Clasp Infinity shape 7x13mm Wire 1mm 10pcs $24.49 $24.49
1755-0011 2 50pcs Gold Filled 14k Jump Ring 5MM 20pcs USA $15.49 $15.49
JW01T-1 ± 50cm 100 Ft Beadalon Tigertail 7 Strands 0.30mm Natural 100 Ft USA $12.49 $12.49

*The numbers listed in the “Quantity” column are the full purchase units needed to make at least one jewel. The exact numbers of pieces used in the jewel are listed in the “Exact quantity” column.