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Pretty necklace made of fine stone beads and stainless steel elements, all strung on a tigertail wire. With charms and toggle clasp as the central element.

Technique(s) :

Threading, Crimp beads,

Level : Beginner
Method sheet(s) :

Material list*
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Image SKU Exact quantity Quantity Unit Description Unit Price Total
1720-0081 1 500pcs Stainless Steel 304 Head Pin 25mm Natural Wire Size 0.7mm 500pcs $8.74 $8.74
1720-0133-BN 13 20pcs Stainless Steel 304 Bead Round 6mm Black 1.5mm Hole 20pcs $8.24 $8.24
1413-1600-10-2 1 unit Natural Semi Precious Stone Pendant Hexagonal Prism Pointed 25x8x8mm Black Obsidian 10pcs $14.00 $14.00
1720-0198-4 2 unit Stainless Steel 304 Crimp Cover 4mm Natural 50pcs $5.00 $5.00
1720-0022-0.8C 3 500pcs Stainless Steel 304 Closed Jump Ring Round 6mm Natural Wire Size 0.8mm 500pcs $5.74 $5.74
1705-0200 2 1000pcs Metal Crimp Round 2MM Nickel 1000pcs $6.24 $6.24
JW03T-0 ± 61cm / 24in 30 Ft Beadalon Tigertail 7 Strands 0.46mm Natural 30 Ft USA $4.74 $4.74
1720-240101-02 27 unit Stainless Steel Bead Round 3mm 1.5mm Hole Natural 100pcs $3.24 $0.00
1112-9071-55 43 unit Natural Semi Precious Stone Bead Red Stripped Agate Free Form 14" String $6.24 $6.24
1720-2603-1.0 2 unit Staibless Steel 316L Wire & Thread Protector 5x4mm Natural Wire Size 1.0mm 100pcs $8.24 $8.24
1720-4005 1 unit Stainless Steel Pendant Rectangle 32x4.5x1.5mm Hollow with 1.2mm loop Natural 20pcs $4.50 $0.00
1720-0213 1 10 sets Stainless Steel 304 Toggle Clasp 16x13mm Natural 10 sets $5.00 $5.00

*The numbers listed in the “Quantity” column are the full purchase units needed to make at least one jewel. The exact numbers of pieces used in the jewel are listed in the “Exact quantity” column.